Nikolic: No more concessions to the Albanians, “red line” reached


BELGRADE – What Albanians are doing in Kosovo with “Trepca” and “Telekom” is a pillage, usurpation. We can not agree to it, said President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic.

Nikolic believes that the “red line” has been reached, which is why we should send a clear message to the authorities in Pristina and the European Union.

“We have already conceded a lot to the Albanians in Kosovo. Limit has to be set there. Therefore, we should not make concessions when it comes to the sale of ‘Trepca’, nor when it comes to assets of ‘Telekom’,” said Serbian President for “Blic”.

Nikolic pointed out that Serbia should not agree “if Brussels indeed sets it as a condition for the resumption of negotiations”.


  1. hahaha communism is over, someone tell this guy. You are not milosevic, and kosovo does not take orders from Serbia. you are just lying to you citizens. That is called brainwashing, thinking you have Kosovo under your control. lol

  2. Hahaha genius, there is this little pesky thing called law, never mind that the strongest players in the world tend to ignore and bend it to their will as much as possible. If Serbia’s consent amounts to nothing, then why is the “democratic” West pressuring Serbia into acquiescence in the first place? Difficult question, isn’t it?
    And no, even Nikolic isn’t that stupid to not know that there is no de facto Serbian control over it’s province’s territory, but there seem to be some stupid (or should we say brainwashed) people who do not seem to understand that.