BELGRADE – Western countries should take a moment to question whether they are truly a democracy or simply obey demands from one leader, Serbia’s president said, referring to nations who say “very bad things” about Russia but fail to understand reality.

Speaking to TASS on Thursday, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said he believes “many countries, including those very certain about their own democracy, should stop to think if they really match their own ideas of themselves or always obey orders from one leader.”

“Today many say only very bad things about Russia, about threats allegedly posed by your country, but they do not know what really happens in reality,” he added.

Referring to sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia, Nikolic said that if Serbia followed in the footsteps of those nations, it would have “ruined everything that we have achieved of years and centuries just for the sole reason somebody ordered us to do so.”

The leader said that “nobody will ever be able to issue any orders to my country,” adding that Serbia has proven it is Russia’s “true friend.”

Tass reports that Nikolic pointed out that Serbia “had passed the test, proving its ability to maintain a high level of bilateral relations to Russia”.

“If Belgrade followed footsteps of many western countries by introducing sanctions against Moscow, perhaps only years later we would realize that we fell under their influence. On the other hand, if we have introduced sanctions we would ruin everything we had achieved through years and centuries just because someone else ordered so,” said Nikolic.