BELGRADE – At a meeting of the Valdai international discussion club, Putin said he shares the opinion of one of the forum’s participants that Russia and the United States should proceed to a new level of relations, TASS reports.

“I agree that we must at least try to break out of this vicious circle. But it was not us who began to draw this circle. On the contrary, we opened ourselves completely in the mid-1990s and we expected it would be an equal dialogue, that our interests would be reckoned with, that we would be able to talks to each other and meet each other halfway,” the Russian leader said. “It is inadmissible to seek to achieve one’s goals unilaterally and at any cost.”

“Please don’t provoke us to actively defend our interests. Let us try to reach agreement on various matters,” Putin addressed his call to the U.S. authorities. “I would like to hope that we will have other relations with the new administration, the relations of partnership and reckoning with each other’s interests.”

Putin warned Moscow can respond in same loutish manner as US accuses Russia.

Putin has dismissed as ‘improper’ the behavior of the U.S. politicians, who shift all blame for the events in Syria to Russia.

He said Moscow could answer in the same loutish way although it has refrained from doing it so far.

“If we’ve reached agreement on something, it should be fulfilled,” Putin said. “At any rate, there’s no shifting blame to others or accusing us of all the imaginable sins because that’s simply improper.”

“We’re still exercising restraint and refraining from similarly loutish answers to our partners but everything has limits and we can respond one day,” he said.