BELGRADE – Russia respects Serbia’s balanced policy, Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Chepurin said Monday, announcing that senior Russian officials would visit Serbia in the next two months and reiterating Moscow was not against Serbia’s EU accession.

FM Sergey Lavrov and a delegation headed by Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of Russia, will visit Serbia, Chepurin said.

Speaking about a visit by PM Dmitry Medvedev, which has been announced by media, Chepurin said no specific dates had been set for it.

No one is postponing the visit – someone has made up a date, Chepurin said.

Speaking at a round table on Serbia, NATO and Russia, Chepurin urged NATO to stop sponsoring Kosovo and clear the mines left behind.

Russia is dealing with the mine-clearing and explosions now, which costs a considerable amount of money, he said.