ZVECAN – A large group of Serb protesters gathered in Rudare near Zvecan, northern Kosovo-Metohija, on Friday to call for a withdrawal of Kosovo’s draft bill on the Trepca mining complex, warning that usurpations of Serbia’s property in the province could be a threat to the ethnic composition in Serb communities there.

The Serbian government is absolutely against that bill, aimed at legalising a usurpation of Serbian property, said Petar Petkovic, assistant director of the government Office for Kosovo-Metohija.

“This is not just about Trepca, but about all Serbian property (in Kosovo), which is worth over 200 bln euros, and which Pristina wants to usurp,” he said.

Pristina’s ultimate goal is to permanently threaten the ethnic composition in Serb communities and we cannot agree to that, he said.

The protesters blocked a road passing through Rudare for two hours.