BELGRADE – A group of migrants who yesterday went on foot from Belgrade towards Hungarian border, was returned to the capital of Serbia. Buses with about 150 migrants arrived just before 3pm to Belgrade, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.

Migrants have arrived to Indjija, from where they were returned to Belgrade.

This was confirmed today by the Commissioner for Refugees Vladimir Cucic: “Migrants who arrived to Indjija during their protest against the measures of the Hungarian government, have withdrawn their protest and are returning to Belgrade.”

He said that yesterday about 300 migrants went from Belgrade to Subotica and that about 200 of them dropped out, while others managed to get to Indjija.

“Migrants were accommodated in two buses. They realized they were being manipulated and that they have to follow the procedure,” said Cucic. He added that some of the migrants who are returning to Belgrade will be accommodated in reception centers.