Serbia sending blankets, medication to Aleppo


NIS – Blankets and medication will be sent to the Syrian city of Aleppo from the humanitarian centre in Nis, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday, adding that he did not see any issue with that.

We are sending blankets, medication and nothing else, Vucic told reporters in Nis, noting that he did not understand why humanitarian aid had garnered a large amount of attention.

“We will send aid to anyone in the world, to any people who are hungry and suffering,” Vucic said.

Media had reported earlier that humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and medication would be sent to Aleppo from the Nis centre.


  1. Why not help the poor in Serbia who’ve been thrown out of the homes? The desperate who are committing suicide because they can’t pay their bills? The workers in Serbia who are getting Slav wages.
    Plus it is probably the terrorists who will control and keep the aid. The medicine will go to the terrorist men, injured on the front, and not the children.

  2. Totally agree. There are more people eating out of rubbish containers and sleeping in abandoned houses without blankets in serbia than ever before but lets take care of Allepo first shall we.
    The Serbian government has no shame.