BELGRADE – The Serbian government on Tuesday decided to annul all the legal consequences of acts and actions by the interim self-government institutions in Pristina regarding the factual and legal position of the Trepca mining complex, PM Aleksandar Vucic said.

“We were compelled to make such a decision as we want Trepca to continue to operate,” he told a press conference.

Trepca is vital for the survival of nothern Kosovo-Metohija, Vucic noted.

He added the Serbian government had, for the most part, accepted a proposal by its Office for Kosovo-Metohija.

“There are 600-1200 people working at Trepca at this moment, with 3,000 relying on budget funding. Within Trepca, we have two mines that are open in the north – Belo Brdo and Crnac – and both are predominantly situated in central Serbia,” Vucic said.