US Army chief offers stark warning to potential rivals and enemies: ‘We will stop you…beat you’

BELGRADE – The US Army Chief of Staff warned the enemies of the United States that “we will beat you harder than you’ve ever been beaten before.” The list of rivals and foes is predictably Russia, Iran and China. He also admitted that the US Army’s readiness to fight had been eroded recently.

The US Army Chief of Staff, Mark Milley delivered his remarks before the army’s annual meeting on Tuesday in Washington, DC, and said it was the military’s aim “to deter war but if deterrents fail we as an army, we as a nation must be prepared to fight.”

General Milley said deterrents were expensive but more expensive was fighting a war, and then fighting and winning a war but most expensive is fighting and losing a war.

“Our readiness to fight a war against a high-end, near peer adversary has eroded in the last 15 years as we fought and continue to fight against terrorists and guerillas in Afghanistan Iraq and elsewhere,” said Gen. Milley. “We were highly successful in ripping apart Saddam’s military in 1991, ejecting him from Kuwait and we shattered his army in 2003. Similarly, we destroyed the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in very short order.”

The general admitted they had problems consolidating gains and adapting to an insurgent fight, and that the army’s future was being jeopardized by budget cuts.

“Other countries – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – went to school on us. They closely watched how we fought in ’91 and ’03. They studied our doctrine, our tactics, our equipment, our organization and our training and our leadership and in turn they revised their own doctrines and they are rapidly modernizing their military today to avoid our strengths and hopes of defeating us at some point in the future,” said General Millay.

Gen. Millay said the military had taken a number of steps over the last year to increase “our readiness in the total army,” with training and combat readiness.

“I want to be clear to those around the world who want to destroy our way of life, and that of our allies and friends,” said Gen. Millay. “The United States military, despite all our challenges, despite our off-tempo, despite everything we have been doing, will stop you, and we will beat you harder than you’ve ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.”


  1. This article is not in chronological order.

    Watch the video from 25 minutes to 30 minutes The general made it very clear that he wanted to be clear and unambiguous to those that want to do the U.S. harm when making the vow enemies will be defeated. It does not apply to examples of those that observe military preparedness around the world.

    When he engages in rhetoric it’s to increase the armies equipment and preparedness, even though the Pentagon, studies and economists have said they should reduce their budgets and bases in the U.S. decades ago. Politicians will not commence such actions because they fear they will not be reelected by those that lost their jobs from base closings directly and indirectly, which is a significant number.

    The general does acknowledge the character of war will experience fundamental, profound and significant change. That is good news because the general will then publicly understand Gary Johnson’s presidential platform, which advocates for a smaller budget in salaries and bases significantly.

    • Politicians wouldn’t reduce number of military bases abroad out of fear of losing votes of those losing their jobs? Nonsense. We’re talking about entirely negligible portion of the 235 million US voters’ body. The reason politicians won’t do it is simply that most of them is in the pocket of big US capital (read: big bankers, who owe everything in the US worth owning), to which these bases secure on-its-terms-access to world resources, i.e. enormous profits. The sweetest part is that most of the bill for financing US military presence abroad pays the small guy, through taxes. Big capital even borrows money to the government for financing the military, and makes double whammy by, in addition to the profit it makes, also pocketing interest on these investments (think of 3.5 trillion dollars military debt – officially – and 430 billion dollar annual payment). The money saved by reducing US military presence abroad could be used to create at least as many jobs at home. The problem: wouldn’t be nearly as profitable to the big capital.

      • @Vlada,
        Reread what I wrote. You will see I was referring to “bases in the U.S.” Now you can edit your post and remove the word “nonsense.”

        As for your non-related comments: congratulations understanding crony capitalism!

        You must understand elected officials are obliged to observe treaties. Therefore it is of financial benefit if the cronies establish lobby groups to maintain their crony culture. I am not aware that there is any U.S. military base in the United States because of an international treaty that the U.S. is a signatory to in any capacity.

        Only Gary Johnson’s platform addresses crony capitalism across the entire board by bringing in free markets, removal of regulations and a consumption tax that would eliminate 80% of the lobby groups that make crony capitalism possible.

        Gary is also a non-interventionist, thus observing sovereignty of other nations, which would lead to many of the foreign base closings or its reductions.

  2. Loads of empty rhetoric and demagogy by Obama’s mouthpiece. Saying, basically, that the world is full of enemies, and potential enemies, who US has to defend from, ’cause they are the troublemakers, the evil, and US is always on the right side, only protecting its right to live. These days, that’s a bit too much even for the average American to swallow. Btw. such highly ranked general should know better than to say “fall of Soviet Russia”. Also, it’s interesting that the Russian ambassador to UK Alexander Kahramenko, who the mouthpiece – pardon me: general – cites as saying that all countries but Russia are “disposable, including US”, as the reason for the US to beef up its military – doesn’t exist. Nor this statement can be traced to the actual ambassador, Alexander Yakovenko (since 2011, replacing Yuri Fedotov), and is in the realm of science fiction that this career diplomat would say something like that. Could we believe the mouthpiece – pardon, general – plain lied about it? Somehow, wouldn’t surprise me a bit he did.

    And with what he’ll beat anyone (Russia) “harder than they’ve ever been beaten before”? Just this last March he testified before the Congress having “grave concerns” that fighting a “higher-end” foe, such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, risks failure. Maybe we should give him some time to make up his mind?

    • @Vlada,
      The general’s main point: the military is evolving. Such as Serb’s military has advanced to the point it sold off its tanks and is relying on missiles.