PROLOM BANJA – Serbia’s relations with Montenegro are stable and fair, and Serbia does not want to erode them – it is seeking a legal – not political – explanation from Podgorica following the arrest of former Serbian Gendarmerie chief Bratislav Dikic in Montenegro, PM Aleksandar Vucic said Monday.

Asked to comment on Social Democratic Party leader Boris Tadic’s statement that Serbia-Montenegro relations were disastrous, Vucic responded that they had been desperately bad during Tadic’s tenure as president.

“Ask Montenegro’s leaders to confirm whether they had better relations with Serbia four years ago than they do today, and I think you will get the same answer,” he said.

A group of 20 Serbian citizens led by Dikic has been arrested in Montenegro on suspicion of terrorism.

Serbia has good relations with Montenegro and they will develop accordingly, Vucic said.