Vucic: Serbia achieved exceptional results in almost impossible conditions


BELGRADE – Serbia will go down in history as the country that made the quickest recovery from a horrific crisis and a country that “achieved exceptional results in almost impossible conditions,” PM Vucic Aleksandar Vucic has said in an interview to Tanjug.

“At IMF and WB board meetings, Serbia has been declared the star pupil,” Vucic said, adding that this required enormous energy and incredible courage.

“Few people in Serbian political history have had the courage to face the people and say ‘we are in a dreadful situation, and we must do this and this'” without raising inflation, like some countries have done, only to have to lower salaries afterwards.”

“We are introducing tough measures, we are keeping everything stable, and we know we are suffering political losses as a result, but we are going into that to make things better for Serbia,” Vucic noted.


  1. This is now beyond laughable. The world’s worst financial vulture is calling Serbia its “star pupil” – which only means that the country is turned into a helpless corpse at IMF’s feeding grounds, with its financial, monetary, economic and political independence long ago eaten away – and its prime minister is promoting it as his another historic achievement. Lako ga je Srbima…