BELGRADE – A search for a solution for the Tanjug News Agency is underway, says Minister of Culture and Information Vladan Vukosavljevic, noting that Serbia respects the European principle of the state withdrawing from most media but that there are exceptions to this.

“If it withdraws from 99 pct, the marginal one pct remains. We are examining those cases in some countries and it is a very delicate matter. Each country has its specifics, there is tradition, there are circumstances,” he told the N1.

“We are not considering a possibility of Tanjug starting to work as a government media outlet again, but we are examining all circumstances that will lead to some of the possible consequences – to Tanjug being a government media outlet in some part or Tanjug not being a government media outlet in any part at all, or to a third solution in between these two,” he said