Albanian city declares Donald Trump an honorary citizen


BELGRADE – Municipal Assembly of the Albanian city of Kamza declared the newly elected US president Donald Trump an honorary citizen.

It was decided that Trump, who is “a revolutionary model of the new democratic order, an economic expert, foreign negotiator, good communicator and leader of modern times” becomes an honorary citizen of this city near Tirana.

The decision praises Trump because he “offered the best hope for all Americans who rightly feel betrayed by the political class”.

Kamza is a city known for the streets named after world cities and people.

Mayor Dzeljalj Mziju, from the opposition center-right Democratic party, published on his Facebook profile one next to each other photographs of himself and Donald Trump, on which both of them show victory sign.

In July 2016 the Albanian town of Saranda has unveiled a Hillary Clinton statue.


  1. The biggest opportunists in the world just latched onto Trump because their ‘hero’ Clinton lost, how convenient. I wonder how much they’ll honor him when he tells them that Kosovo is Serbia.