In the sea of misinformation sloshing around the Western media during the Yugoslav civil wars, Serbs fared the worst. As a rule, they were accused even of atrocities that never happened, or were committed by others. The real truth would usually emerge several years later, from the mouths of international officials who at the time held important and responsible positions, wrote Nenad M. Stevanovic for “Patriot Magazin”.

British general Mike Jackson with Albanian terrorists in the province of Kosovo i Metohija, 1999. On the picture: British general Jackson, Ramush Haradinai and Albanian and Croatian general involved in genocide of Serbs both in Krajina and Kosovo i Metohija, Rahim Ademi

American press and electronic media have “discovered” that the Serbs weren’t the “bad guys” to the extent the American reporters from the Balkans made them out to be.
Jack Kelly, a correspondent of USA Today, resigned because his employers decided he had deceived his editors and probably fabricated information in his reports from over 90 countries, including Serbia. The cause for investigating Kelly was his article, “UN: Reports connect Serbs to war crimes,” which Kelly filed from Belgrade on July 14, 1999.

In the article, Nelly said he talked to a human rights activist in Belgrade, who had allegedly received a confession from a Serbian soldier that he had orders to commit ethnic cleansing. Internal investigation established that Kelly never met the activist. Kelly claimed to have interviewed the activist, but as he could not find the translator who was supposedly present at the conversation to confirm the story, he asked a friend – also a translator – to lie to the editors and pass herself off as the witness. Kelly explained this fraud by “panic” that had seized him because of the investigation.

Reporters in CIA Service

When Serbs captured a British mercenary, Robert Allan Lofthouse, in February 1993 on Mt. Majevica, he confessed to Serb counter-intelligence agents that he had been in satellite communication with an American reporter. The reporter was Roy Gutman, former Reuters correspondent in Belgrade, later reporting for Newsday from Zagreb and Sarajevo. According to Lofthouse, the American told him he was a CIA agent “2-IC”.

Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair; US Secretary of Defense William Cohen claimed to the world that Serbs had killed “100,000 Albanians” in Kosovo
Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair; US Secretary of Defense William Cohen claimed to the world that Serbs had killed “100,000 Albanians” in Kosovo

Gutman’s first war report was in 1991. He filed a story from Herceg-Novi [Montenegro], reporting on the Serb destruction of Old Town Dubrovnik [Croatia] as if he witnessed it first-hand. He later reported the same way on Serb “massacres” and “mass rapes” in Bosnia.

Sources for his reports were the Islamic Community, Turkish-American Women’s Society, manager of Tuzla television Dr Arif Tanovic, and the mercenary, Robert Allan Lofthouse.

Another arrested reporter, American David Rohde, was deported from the Serb Republic in late 1995. As a correspondent of the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor, Rohde used CIA sources to locate places near Srebrenica where Muslims had supposedly been massacred.

Born in Hartford, Kentucky in August 1967, Rohde was “always there when America defended its national interests – Cuba, Syria, USSR, Estonia, and Bosnia,” say his parents, Harvey and Carol.

Pulitzer for a deception

Rohde came to the Serb Republic with falsified documents and no reporter card. His predecessor, Jonathan Landay, was expelled from Pale after he was caught sending information to the CIA. In Srebrenica, Rhode found “blood on the walls and scattered documents of the missing,” but no mass graves he was looking for at CIA’s behest. Having been presented as a “victim of the Serbs” upon returning to the US, Rohde received the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for his report on mass graves in Srebrenica (which he never found).

US Army analyst, Lt. Col John E. Sray wrote in his wartime diary that famous reporters Christiane Amanpour and Peter Jennings accepted Muslim propaganda as unvarnished truth, and sent anti-Serb reports from Bosnia.


Serbs were blamed for the atrocities in Vase Miskina street [breadline] and Markale [marketplace], where several dozen innocent civilians were killed. This led to sanctions against Serbia (from 1992 onward), and the bombing of Bosnian Serb military positions [in 1995]. Almost a decade later, then-UNPROFOR commander, UK General Michael Rose explained in his memoirs that Serbs were falsely accused, and that the fatal shells most likely came from Muslim positions in order to provoke a reaction of the West.

Concerning the 1993 massacre at the Sarajevo Markale marketplace, future US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright not only lied, but in her effort to deceive the world also declared the evidence “classified.” The evidence she tried to suppress has revealed beyond any doubt that Bosnian Muslims butchered their own people to win world sympathy. That lie has subsequently cost the Serbs thousands of innocent lives.


The Western public calmly ignores the fact that many Pulitzer laureates built their careers on Serb-slandering lies. Reporters of the British ITN, who shot the exclusive footage of “starving Bosniaks in Serb concentration camps,” did not confess until 1997 that the footage was a deception. CNN’s star reporter Christiane Amanpour often reported from Pale, claiming to be “live from Sarajevo,” and solicited outrage against the “Chetniks who raped 50,000 Bosniak women.” No one in the West seemed interested for the epilogue of such stories, such as the case of one of the allegedly “raped” Bosniak women, who was given asylum in Switzerland and there gave birth to an African baby. Similar monstrous lies were repeated during the Kosovo war, again demonizing the Serbs.

Walker’s Salvador Experiences

US Secretary of Defense William Cohen claimed to the world that Serbs had killed “100,000 Albanians” in Kosovo. KFOR has so far exhumed less than 3000 dead, one-third of which are Serbs.

William Walker with his hands in his pockets conducting a so-called “investigation of the massacre”. Walker refused to allow representatives of the Serbian media to be present during his “investigation process” and personally selected the teams of reporters who could accompany him
William Walker with his hands in his pockets conducting a so-called “investigation of the massacre”. Walker refused to allow representatives of the Serbian media to be present during his “investigation process” and personally selected the teams of reporters who could accompany him

The most grotesque lie was the staged “massacre” in Racak, in January 1999, when Serbs were accused of executing 45 Kosovo Albanians. That there was no blood at the alleged “murder scene,” and that US Ambassador William Walker [of the OSCE mission] three times prevented the Serbian forensic pathologist, Dr. Marinkovic, from investigating the scene, indicates that the justification for bombing [and invasion] of Serbia was nothing but a Big Lie.

Invisible for global media – Severed Serb heads, both in Bosnia and Kosovo, seem to be media – invisible.
Invisible for global media – Severed Serb heads, both in Bosnia and Kosovo, seem to be media – invisible.

Ambassador Walker told the media the purported massacre was “the most of horrific thing he has ever seen.” No one seemed to recall the fact that during Walker’s mandate in El Salvador [in the 1980s], the Death Squads decapitated thousands of victims. According to the testimony of priest Daniel Santiago, the heads would then be mounted on pikes. William Walker kept silent about these atrocities because the perpetrators were trained by the US and sponsored by the CIA.

Wesley Clark’s claim that NATO air force had “destroyed the Serb army” should also be counted among the lies of Western propaganda. It was debunked when several hundred undamaged Serb tanks left Kosovo. The truth was that during the 78-day bombing campaign, which cost American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, only 13 Serbian vehicles were destroyed.

Replacing Rose

Reporting from Gorazde, writes Lt. Col. Sray, both Amanpour and Jennings claimed that “Serbs are devastating the town, house by house,” deliberately omitting the fact that Muslim troops had mined the houses and then left, abandoning their civilians. According to Lt. Col. Sray, CNN’s correspondents assassinated the character of General Michael Rose, accusing him of being a “Serb-lover.” Rose was also accused of surrendering Gorazde to Serbs, because he “did not want to defend a Muslim town.” After a fierce media campaign, the British general was forced to leave Sarajevo in disgrace.

“A Great Job”

“In the past three years, the [American] media has done a great job of buttressing the negative image of the Serbs and Serbia, so much so that on dozens of occasions it actually helped achieve political results that went a long way in inflicting deadly injury to the Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia, and in Serbia. In the end, unless the United States policy of ‘punish the Serbs’ – especially through sanctions against Serbia – is revised, it will have succeeded in its aim, namely, to destroy a country and demoralize a nation,” wrote in 1995 Norma von Ragenfeld-Feldman, a Ph. D in history, in the San Francisco magazine Unity Herald.


  1. Some of the big ones, but it’s the tip of the iceberg of all the lies US and Western media told about the Serbs during the wars that the West itself – led by the US – made happen. So much about the “free press” – pitiful instrument of the US Administration and its war machine (they are actually both owned by the big US banksters, who own the country).

    I knew that Hague’s forensic teams found less than 3000 bodies in all of Kosovo, killed by all sides, on all sides. They didn’t, to my knowledge, give even approximate numbers on what nationality, and by whom they were likely killed – just brushed it all under the rug since it was, if anything, exposing the magnitude of the Western anti-Serb propaganda. So I sort of wonder where the info of 1/3 of bodies found were Serbs comes from. Knowing how the Hague manipulated forensic evidence from Srebrenica mass graves, making over 3500 “cases” out of less than 2000 pairs of femur bones found (by their own prosecution’s forensics) – and disregarding it in favor of fabricated DNA “evidence” of the US’ “independent” ICMP, which was not even made available to the Court itself, under ridiculous excuse of “protecting privacy of victims and relatives”, yet was used to give life sentences to the Serbian generals for non-existent genocide – wouldn’t be surprised that the actual count of bodies found in Kosovo mass graves is significantly under 3000.

  2. US lies 24/7 the America media employees people which just take orders and post whatever propaganda they can without the care for what it might bring. USA claimed chemical weapons in Iraq, killed millions, sanctioned the nation leading to children deaths due to lack of medicines for common ailments. US overthrew mean Governments, US spied on it’s allies and even deliberately involved itself in cyber warfare with non-threatening ally nations, the USA killed many innocent people under false pretense, fabricated the truth and made sure it’s media wrote those lies – while American public, shameless like they always are quietly accepted it, because they themselves are sick people. By the way, I’m not a Serb, I’m from a different country which knows everything about America and Americans, how they eat, talk, walk, think I know it. They are twisted deviants and filths.

    • I am not a Serb, either: an American, in fact. I agree with much of what you say. However, when it comes to the use of chemical weapons used against Kurdish villagers in Iraq by Saddam, I think you would find quite a few who would disagree with you. When it comes to awareness of America’s excesses abroad, for many years I have felt as you do. I distinctly remember being shouted down some years ago when I questioned the standard vehemence with which my nation has been brainwashed concerning Srebrenica, Bosnia in the ever-so-elitist environs in which I live. This year, however, I think (and hope) things are beginning to change, as people here are now questioning their sources as never before. What the common people, both in America and the world over most need is more and better information about what those who would represent them are actually doing. I suggest that working consistently to spread awareness is a better way to change the abuses that have become particularly apparent over the past generation or so, rather than to simply dismiss entire nations and cultures with the notion that one “knows everything” about so and so. In fact, isn’t that the very attitude that this entire discussion is intended to confront?.

      • That’s true, it’s simply what humans do. Most Americans just live their lives leaving politics to the politicians, and the great media deception of what is happening in the world – or even within the country – makes it easy. Would people in any other county act differently in their place? I doubt it very much. It doesn’t mean that absolves them from responsibility but, as Indians used to say: “Don’t judge anyone before walking for two moons in his moccasins.”

  3. The congressional-military-industrial complex in the USA is the largest exporter of lies and death the world has ever seen.

  4. I was in my early thirties living in Memphis Tennessee USA. It was a Friday night (1993-1994) and I was at the bar having drinks. Someone I did not know maybe met there at that moment asked me a few questions. It was night time. My mind was focussed on the atmosphere, and not really keen to be talking to this elder chap in his early 60s. I was polite and exchanged the customary greetings, we had a very short chat and he asked me about the situation in the Balkans (which I knew very little about). His main questions, because I am Asiatic I assume, was the situation of the Moslems in the Balkan war. I replied something to the intent they be protected and they have a right to live there. I never got into the details of that war or civil war because I was busy with work. My time was taken up with work bar night clubs, into conversations with friends I had.

    6 years go by and I am in a new and different environment. I said to myself I did not have any interest in it nor did I watch the news, and now I find myself among a community of people who are related to the Balkans. What upset me was this. If I knew I would be there in that environment 6 or 7 years later, would I had shown a dedicated interest in that war to the point I knew what was going on, what the issues were, etc.

    Now 16 years later I am looking back to that community I came to know for a short time, and I say the situation has merits in the reporting of its time in the early 90s. The reporting did have content relevant. It may be suitable to one aprty not another, dependent on the news paper. All war reporting going back to WWI and others have interest parties, and the journalist try to cover taking into account home country interest and reporting for its reader base. The readers have a percentage of faith in the reporting of their newspaper.

    Its not going to be possible to say every party involved got their truth out and if so, from that sum of truth a just conclusion can be reached. Now is this the usual case? Or ever the case? No.

    So returning to the reporting, it has merit but it does not necessarily suit a party all the time.

    The other reason is when its regarding wars that actually happen, people are misplaced and killed. These events have existed centuries ago, even before the time of Alexander. The mechanics of war or civil war does not have in its character all the good elements one seeks in a friend. So what can we expect from the reporting at the time of war, and after, including pre-war reporting?

    Serbia finds itself trying to pick up the pieces of information to reconstruct the picture and provide an unbiased account of the event(s). This is understandable for any country or people. Problem now maybe not necessarily delivering the truth, the problem maybe ‘people dont want to know about it anymore’.

    So when is the time to stop?

    The environment of Yugoslavia when it broke-up as a federation of stated, may had elements ripe for war, and given the right climate it blossomed into war. At that evil time then everyting matters european ethnicity, religion, political ideology, historical boundaries, Roman Catholicism, Russia, USA, UK, corporations……everything.

    Maybe what you should try to do now is NOT pour the good fertile soil in the ground for such fruits to ripe again. Let this bad energy/power of destruction find its way out of your regions, territories, countries.

    Try to keep a distance from countries that have its citizens thrive on war machinery, be it from the west or east. Try not to be used again by agencies of foreign nations including their privatre sector.

    Raise many inteligent members in your societies to serve the many functions needed in your society. Dwelling on that past will only bring the fruits and players from that past who maybe still be hounding you today. Work instead on a ‘send-off’ of that bad energy that it never returns to your regions again.

    • Karl Botha, let me see if I can get to the cruxt of your convoluted diatribe.

      You are telling the Serbs that the FACTS, supported by all experts, are “pieced” together propaganda. And since you are of “asiatic” descent, and listened to other Muslims, you know better.

      No sir, the horrendous atrocities perpetrated by the western powers, and their Sunni Muslim terrorists, will not be forgotten. In fact they will be illuminated for all the good people of the world to see.

      You have the audacity to say that the good citizens of Serbia should get on with their lives now, after their people have been killed, their country destroyed and in economic ruin. A country and people that thrived, prior to the assault against Serbia and Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

      Since you obviously know very little, and even less about Serbia and it’s people, let a proud American who knows about history and its heroes, tell you about the Serbs.

      Their have been few peoples in history that have sacrificed more for liberty and freedom, then the Serbs. A small but proud people that have endured slavery and persecution, for centuries, but have greatly contributed to the advancement of human civilization. From scientific breakthroughs to their heroic battlefield accomplishments.

      All you have to do is open a book or do a cursory search on the internet, to discover Just how “intelligent” and “capable” The Serbian people have always been. They certainly don’t need any advice from an “asiatic” looking fellow whose ignorance and bias is clear for all to see.

      God Bless


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