BELGRADE – Russia has nothing to do with the email leaks of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, as Moscow’s resources allowed it to hack Hillary herself, Anonymous activist Alex Poucher told RT ahead of the Million Mask March staged by the hacktivist group.

“America is very quick to blame Russia for just about anything these days, especially with things going on in Syria right now, with the US really wanting to extradite [NSA whistleblower] Snowden to the US to charge him for trial,” Poucher said.

The activist said he does not believe the claims by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that Julian Assange’s website WikiLeaks has been cooperating with Russia and was handed sensitive data, damaging for her campaign, from Moscow.

“What was Podesta’s password? It was ‘password’ with a zero instead of ‘o.’ Any kid could’ve hacked this email account. I think with the might of the Russian intelligence and the resources that Russia has available to them, if they would’ve hacked anybody – they would’ve hacked Hillary directly and not Podesta,” Poucher said.

“I don’t believe that the Russian government has any ties directly with WikiLeaks,” he said, adding that the group’s whistleblowers, just like Anonymous, “don’t work for any government or organizations” and stand for the people.

“The only link that I could see between Russia and WikiLeaks would be Sarah Harrison having contacts with Snowden,” who has been granted asylum by Moscow, Poucher said.

He expressed confidence that WikiLeaks would continue releasing the Podesta emails, despite opposition from the Clinton camp. However, the activist is skeptical about Clinton suffering any legal consequences because of them.

“I believe Hillary won’t go jail, but the revelations from these emails will eventually force her to make confessions regarding these leaks. And that’s going to be very important for the US people,” Poucher said.