BELGRADE – Brussels is preparing to deliver a range of new demands from Belgrade in Chapter 31 relating to foreign and security policy, and most of which are unacceptable for Serbia, learned Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

The report on screening for this area, prepared by the EU and according to the daily, there are three key things requested from Serbia:

– to join the sanctions and restrictive measures of the EU,

– to coordinate its stance with Brussels in numerous international institutions, especially the UN and the OSCE,

– to revise the National Security Strategy and Defense Strategy, particularly the part that refers to Kosovo and the connections with Russia and Republika Srpska.

Brussels does not like Serbia’s excessive emphasis placed on Kosovo as the biggest security threat for the country. They are also bothered with Serbia’s emphasized commitment to developing good relations with Moscow, as well as developing special relations with the Republika Srpska, deepening cooperation with China, India, Brazil and the non-aligned movement, write “Novosti”.

EU wants that Serbia urgently comply with Brussels strategy of foreign and security policy adopted in June.

Because of these new requirements, it is not convenient for Belgrade to open this chapter. This was confirmed by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, who said for “Vecernje Novosti” that the quick opening of Chapter 31 seek those who want to force Serbia to align its foreign policy with the EU foreign policy:

“For example, this year we did not support 12 declarations and statements of the EU, including documents on restricting measures against Russia and Zimbabwe. How can we support that when ten days earlier I asked Zimbabwe to vote for us in UNESCO. Or declaration on the happenings in the South China Sea, which is against China,” said Dacic and adds that if Serbia voted for these declarations, it could say goodbye to its national and state interests.

Brussels diplomatic circles say that behind the list of new requirements for Serbia, EU hides the intention of some countries to prevent Serbia, when it becomes the member, becomes the “Trojan Horse” of primarily Russia in European Council and to block important decisions. This is why the EU wants to ensure that Serbia also strategically decide and bind by documents that the Union will be before Russia, concludes “Vecernje Novosti”.