BELGRADE – In Serbian media was raised a big fuss around the Captain of the Army of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Dejan Beric, and his alleged involvement in serious criminal activities, or organizing the assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, writes Serbian portal “Vostok”.

Media published serious allegations about Beric, that he was allegedly named as the organizer of the assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, after which the police got involved.

As Beric said for “Vostok”, Serbian police contacted his family, his ex-wife and minor son, and also came to the house where Beric once

Vanja Savicevic from “Vostok” contacted captain Beric and asked for clarification on what was actually happening. We carry the interview
in its entirety:

– Dejan, a photograph was published in Serbian media after which a big fuss was raised around you, including serious allegations?


“Yes, after publishing that photograph on my Facebook page, showing associated group of people who would sell their a** for money, the media began campaign against me again. On the photograph, from left to right, is Radomir Pocuca, a man who made tremendous damage to the Serbs, first in LNR, then in DNR, next Vladimir Stanic, ‘famous’ Aleksandar Sindjelic and Vencislav Bujic,” Beric said.

“Pocuca came with big words in Donbas, but he was a parasite there who lived at the expense of others. He forced the men who came with pure heart to take photographs with him so he could raise money from his sponsors. He spent the money with his friend Gerovac on prostitutes and other things that have nothing to do with volunteers, while men were hungry and without proper clothes,” Beric said for Vostok.

“Men who were with him have already spoken about his deeds, from the fact that he was never in a fight, except when they had to write that he was – ‘media warrior’ – to the fact that he went with a trolley from a supermarket around Debaljcev stealing things from houses. This is one of the reasons Russians saw the entire group as boys who came to take something. His history you basically know,” Beric said.

“Then Vladimir Stanic, who was brought from France with a single task, to kill me and then-commander who was in the Serbian Hussar regiment. Otherwise, they chose a man who is a fool, and people who were with him wrote about it on their Facebook pages. I was warned by commander Dragan who did not dare to confront alone and Slavenko Kuzmanovic from the Republika Srpska,” Beric continues.

“Third is the famous Aleksandar Sindjelic who said a lots of nonsense. We are yet to see more of them, when he gives statement. And fourth in this company is Vencislav Bujic who is a promoter of NATO in Serbia. He also created some sort of organization for the promotion of our enemies. There is an interview I recently gave to Dragana Trifkovic which says a lot,” Dejan Beric concluded.

– You have posted that Serbian police came to the house where you used to live and that they called your ex-wife and son for questioning.

“A chase after me could have been expected, but police harassing people I know, and my ex-wife and son, well that is a drop too much. Specifically, they visited my acquaintances at their homes, and how good they are at their work, I do not know the words to describe it.
The man who came the other day to address where I used to live was more than non-professional, because he went there without bothering to actually learn something. Specifically, they asked to speak to my father and mother. My father died in 1991, and my mother died last year. In the evening they brought the order for my ex-wife and minor son to go to the police station for questioning,” Beric said.

“When my son offered them my phone number, they did not want it and said that they did not need it. I do not quite understand why they look for me, if they already have the ability to get in touch with me, and obviously do not want to. This means that they are trying to use pressure through my family and friends. The journalist for “Alo” (Serbian daily newspaper) could have also at least look my Facebook page and see where I am and what I am doing, instead of writing nonsense,” Beric said.

“We will deal with them on another occasion. There are courts in Serbia, although I do not really believe in them after numerous verdicts made under the pressure of the authorities. In any case we will sue “Alo” for the troubles they caused with their article to my family, friends and myself. There, in short about everything that has happened. Otherwise, as someone has already said, they take into consideration statement of a man who, as they say, has mental issues. This is a disgrace for our police,” Beric said.

“There are honorable people there, in police and army, at least I hope some are left after all these so-called assassinations which actually serve to remove honest people, who think for themselves and believe in Serbia. Their positions are given to those who are exclusively obedient to fulfill ‘the tasks’,” Beric said.

– What is your position on serious allegations in the media that you are named as the organizer of the assassination of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic?

“Each allegations has to have something concrete to back it. The only thing our media have is a testimony from a man I haven’t seen in my life and who is an associate of Montenegrin security forces. They needed someone who is famous, and in Donbas there is no more famous Serb than me and that is how they create their games. I am ready for the security service to bring to Russia Sindjelic or anyone else, and to have us answer their questions together. Not just simply ask and have answers, because liars and traitors have no honor or shame,” Beric said.

Dejan Beric
Dejan Beric

“And the company which Sindjelic had in Moscow is just that. There are lie detectors, they can be simply used on us to answer all the question. Our media in Serbia are ninety percent controlled by the government. Censorship in Serbia is huge and there are media who publish test articles, and depending on how the article is received, serious media express the opinion of the authorities,” Beric said.

– What do you think about current political course of Serbia?

“Now they are trying to convince us about telecommunications or Serbia’s entry into EU Army that these are good things. Vucic is a traitor and traitors should serve sentence in prison. However, I seriously doubt that if he would ever go to prison he would stay there for long, because his real mental condition would be seen then and he would be released from prison to be treated at a proper institution under control. If we consider that EU constantly says that Russia is its only enemy, one should be extremely stupid and not see against whom is prepared the ‘United Army of Europe’,” Beric said.

“For me this is the ‘bottom’. Our army is so humiliated that there is no room left for more. I hope that the traitor of our Prime Minister will come to his senses when he loses the power and has to answer for having betrayed Serbia, for the Brussels agreement and that he will stay in prison for a long time, and that his health will serve him well for at least another fifty years. It is a great shame to the low level Serbia fell to. We did not have greater traitor than current Prime Minister, nor worse government from the one that is now in power,” Beric said.

“I am in Russia, and if a statement from mental patient, a man who killed two of our soldiers, serves as a pretext than you no better than them. I would ask that this is shared as much as possible, because they harass people even though they know very well that I left Serbia and they know where I am. Old UDBA methods,” said captain Beric.

Dejan Beric is one of the most decorated members of the Army of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, and he was awarded by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, writes portal “Koreni”.