BELGRADE – Serbia is on the right track – its economic growth is expected to rise thanks to the planned salary and pension increases and the resulting higher spending, and citizens will soon begin to live better, Minister of Economy Goran Knezevic said Wednesday.

“All macroeconomic indicators – as also stated by the IMF mission – are very good. We are moving in the right direction, and we are now expecting economic growth,” Knezevic told reporters ahead of a Belgrade conference on dignified labour and sustainable development.

Our economic growth is primarily based on new investment and exports, he said.

“On the other hand, by boosting spending, the salary and pension increase – which is not too high – will definitely result in new growth and development indicators, so we are expecting that all of us will live slightly better in the future,” Knezevic said.


  1. …and some more slightly than the others. Or: “Welcome to Lalaland”. Vucic created “deficit cut” by lowering pensions and salaries, taxing already overtaxed small business and the small guy, and delaying all payments till year’s end (which is the practice for the next few years). So that in the meantime he can boast about “halving the deficit”, (which in Vucic’s Lalaland became “sufficit”). Other macro indicators are similarly faked. So he can’t even promise a plain “better”. They are selling “slightly better” to the people whose Great US Puppet, pardon me – Leader openly advertises them as the cheapest work force in Europe. But his Big Lie is wearing out…


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