BELGRADE – Author Ed Klein joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV on Wednesday after Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the US presidency in his first ever political race.

Klein said Hillary Clinton called a friend and couldn’t stop crying.

She blamed FBI Director Comey and Obama for the loss.

Ed Klein: Here’s what I know, not my opinion. About 6:30 this morning she called an old friend. She was crying inconsolably. She couldn’t stop crying. And her friend, her female friend from way, way back said it was even hard to understand what she was saying she was crying so hard. This is Hillary we’re talking about. Eventually her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the Director of the FBI, for her loss, and, I don’t understand exactly, the president of the United States for not doing enough.

Hillary could not speak to supporters last night and sent John Podesta out to face the audience, Gateway Pundit reported.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahah. You REAP WHAT YOU SOW. What comes around goes around goes around. Do these true statements ring a bell? All the crimes you and your husband committed, all the murders the taxes that you have raised the taxes you were going to raise all of America’s jobs through NAFTA Andrew Alabama had quietly sign with other countries to take all the American jobs and high wages overseas to bring the middle class down to the poor level to bring in all of your socialist and communist program such as Obamacare which doesn’t work what you did in been Ghazi and the things in the list can go on and on and on. And you have the gall to sit here and and cry. Planned Parenthood murdering babies sinning against God saying your a Christian when everything God says and as of hate and sin you’ve committed it’s time for you to enjoy your spoil because you have got a long road of pain and misery coming to you and you deserve it

  2. I would of thought Madam Secretary would of been completely out of tears from crying over the loss in Ambassador Stevens.
    But really at this time what difference coyld it possible make.

  3. Mi multe bedauras por shi. Shajne chiu observanto opinias, ke shi devintus esti anghelo. Neniu estas anghelo, speciale ne la kompatinda kritikachanto Hillary is a b****, kiu ne skribas malferme sian nomon.
    Dio benu Usonon kaj bridu Donaldon Trump.

  4. Sucks being prematurely aborted before your due.
    I like Trumps plan, negotiate with Russia, China and the world to keep the dollar as international trade currency and we will keep out of causing revolutions wars etc. instead, now he will buy resources and resources to build US infrastructure. Peace, building and employment not warmongering.
    Trump yeah!!

  5. There is information leaking out of the FBI. Comey ran active defense for Clinton all during the investigation and his agents were and still are grumbling. Agents learned of the meeting between WJC and Loretta Lynch which happened on June 27 and by Friday July 1, anger was being shared between agents and word was also getting around that the overdue interview was to take place within days. This was in fact discussed on 4chan by someone identifying themselves as an FBI agent on Friday night July 1 which was the evening before teh interview.

    Then the rushed chain of events on consecutive days happened: Clinton’s interview finally took place on Sat morning July 2, Sunday July 3 NYT leak that Clinton was considering Lynch to stay on in her DOJ, July 4 was a holiday, July 5 – Comey announcement at 11am, July 5 Air Force One lands in SC carrying both Obama and Clinton for their first joint campaign appearance.

    Comey impeded the investigation for as long as he could trying to follow instructions from the Obama administration and to placate grumbling FBI agents. His statement on July 5 was supposed to accomplish two tasks: satisfy agents by exposing Clinton’s actions as related to the security of the server and fulfill Obama’s wishes by not recommending prosecution. His agents thought she should have been prosecuted.

    More leaks from inside. Among the leaked information was the list of Clinton’s close assistants who received some sort of immunity deal, the fact that a previously unidentified IT firm Platte River was tasked by Cheryl Mills to permanently destroy data, details of Clinton’s interview deal, the deals made with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson where the only emails on their computers could be looked at were ones dated BEFORE Jan 31 2015 (the discovery of the server and the data deletion happened in March 2015). After the allowed emails were scrutinized, the two laptops were to be destroyed. A recent leak was that the agents tasked with destroying the laptops did not do so. According to unverified leaks, those laptops are being held by agents tasked with the Clinton Foundation investigation

    Then field agents working another case found the data backup on the Weiner laptop, word spread between field agents and internal agents about this discovery. Comey was told immediately and a week or two passed without any action. Agents began to threaten to take it to the media. To keep the FBI from exploding and going public, Comey (and possibly Lynch) made the decision to send the letter to congress with the intent of quickly ascertaining the importance of the find and to announce “nothing here” asap.

    It was just too much to try to cover for Clinton and election day came too late. Some things continue to smell no matter how much lime you use.


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