BELGRADE – Trump has won 276 electoral votes, becoming the 45th president of the United States. His rival Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate, did not concede the election from her headquarters in New York.

Addressing his supporters, Trump said that his counterpart Hillary Clinton has fought hard. He also confirmed that she congratulated him on victory.

Donald Trump then pledged that “every single American will have an opportunity to realize his or her potential.”

He promised to rebuild US infrastructure, put millions of people to work and “renew the American dream.”

“No dream is too big,” Trump said.

He then promised to always put US interest first and to “get along well” with all nations willing to get along with the US. He then thanked this family for “incredible support” throughout the presidential run.

Saying that this election has been a historic moment, Trump said that “to be truly historic, we must do a great job.”

Concluding, Trump hinted that he does not rule out staying in office for 8 years.