BELGRADE – Kosovo police say they have detained over a dozen people over the last 12 days suspected of plotting terror attacks in the region with the support of the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS also known as Daesh) terror group, local media report.

Starting from November 4, 19 terrorism suspects thought to have links to the Islamic State have been detained in Kosovo, Albania and Metohija, Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) broadcaster said on Wednesday citing police.

A law enforcement source told RTK that the suspects received directions from Daesh members in Syria and are believed to have been planning a terror attack during the November 12 Albania-Israel 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) football game. Albanian police detained a former member of radical Islamist groups in Syria on the day of the game and found explosives at his home, according to RTK.

Daesh radical Sunni group active in Syria, as well Iraq and other regional states, is known for its successful online propaganda and social media recruitment, which primarily target young people from around the world. The group is notorious for its human rights atrocities and a number of major terrorist attacks, such as the ones carried out in Paris and Brussels.