BELGRADE – In transit reception centers, among others Presevo, it was registered that migrants carry body lice that can transmit typhus, it was confirmed by the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr.Milan Jovanovic Batut”. The migrants have been given the necessary help, and there is no reason to fear, according to them.

Some 1,000 migrants are currently staying in a reception center in Krnjaca in Belgrade. A couple of dozen of them were found to have body lice.

In Krnjaca, but also in reception centers in Presevo, Subotica and Sid, migrants are isolated and have been provided with adequate health care.

Ivan Miskovic from the Commissariat for Refugees said that the situation is under control.

“We have taken all the necessary preventive and anti-epidemic measures, to stop spreading of the body lice,” he said.

He stressed that it is not spoken about a disease, but lice, and that is why there is no need for panic.

“Epidemiologists and doctors are in the reception centers and we are doing everything to keep the situation under control,” said Miskovic.

He explained that the migrants, after preventive and anti-epidemic treatment, are given clean wardrobe.

He called upon all people, companies and organizations to donate warm cloth and shoes for the upcoming winter days.