BELGRADE – Billionaire George Soros, one of the main sponsors of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, cannot reconcile with the victory of Donald Trump at the presidential election in the United States.

American businessman of Hungarian origin gathered a large number of wealthy liberals in Washington, where in the luxurious hotel “Mandarin
Oriental” at the three-day meeting they have been trying to find ways to sabotage Tramps’s term, writes “Politico”.

The conference began on Sunday, and according to “Politico”, the main sponsor of the meeting is influential club “Democratic Alliance”, known as DA. In addition to the overwhelming anti-Trump minded businessmen, the meeting was also attended by political officials such as Nancy Pelosi, head of the Democrats in the Senate, Senator Elizabeth Warren and others.

These meetings serve to create a detailed strategy of sabotaging Trump’s plan of the first 100 days of his term in the office, which the group considers to be “a terrible attack on the achievements of Barrack Obama”.

In the last decade DA created the appearance of institutional Left, as the Democratic Party presents itself (despite numerous actions that
have nothing to do with the political orientation), and rose Hillary Clinton to the position of the central figure of the Democratic Party.

“Democratic Alliance” counted that the campaign on the basis of the threat of climate change, the rights of women and minorities will be
enough for Clinton to defeat Tramp in the elections, but quite the opposite happened.

“You do not lose in the elections in which everyone expected a victory, in the elections with so high stakes, unless you make some big mistakes, as in assumptions, as in strategy and tactics. We will not rush into anything, but we will resist Trump’s administration,” said Gara Lamarche, President of DA at the welcome dinner at the hotel “Mandarin Oriental” on Sunday.

Her statement indicates that something seriously has to be changed, both among Democrats, and the “Democratic Alliance”, and that the main
financiers sat at a large table to discuss further steps.

A “major offensive” was announced to return to the power and confidence of voters, primarily in the states where Trump took key victories – Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin…