BELGRADE – Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that, no matter what are the results of the presidential elections in the United States, the leadership of that country should actively participate in resolving global conflicts.

“We need America in the role of the world policeman. We should establish the leading role of America in the world,” said former NATO
Secretary General in an interview for the British television “Sky News”.

“Look around and you will see that the world is on fire: war-torn Syria, Iraq facing disintegration, Libya – country that does not exist
in North Africa, Russia that attacks Ukraine and destabilizes eastern Europe, China showing muscles, renegade country North Korea that
threatens with nuclear attacks,” said Rasmussen and from it concluded that there is a need for “an international police officer who will
establish international law and order”.

According to Rasmussen, US President Barrack Obama is highly opposing the use and threat of armed forces in preventing conflict in the world, reported Sputnik. Rasmussen expressed concern that the Republican candidate Donald Trump might become the President of the
United States, stating that it could be “very dangerous for the world”.