BELGRADE – There is sufficient evidence to indict certain former Kosovo Liberation Army members for war crimes committed in the 1990s, says David Schwendiman, chief prosecutor of a special court set up to try Kosovo war crimes.

Schwendiman has told BIRN in an interview that suspected criminals were his target, not the KLA itself.

“I am not after organisations, I am not after ethnicities, I am looking at individual responsibility for what was done,” he said.

“If that message gets out clearly to the people that are affected by this, then maybe they will understand that the court is not pro-Albanian or anti-Albanian, pro-Serb or anti-Serb, but that we are just doing our job,” Schwendiman said.

Declining to identify who is under investigation, he said one of the reasons for his visit to Belgrade and Pristina last week had been to quell such rumours.