BELGRADE – Use and abuse of drugs in Serbia, such as tablets, heroin, cocaine or synthetic drugs has been one of the major issues of our society, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.

However, writes the daily, the list of the UN Agency on Drugs and Crime testifies that the state either does not want to enter the fight with drug addiction, or has already lost the fight against it.

The list shows that the US is the first in the world with the prevalence of 5.41%. Prevalence is the usual statistical term that expresses the epidemiology of the total number of affected persons at a given point in time in relation to the entire population.

Serbia has a prevalence of 5.15% and is ahead of countries such as Australia, and even Afghanistan, concludes the daily.


  1. I am surprised about the name of the exercises Russian, Belarusian and Serbianparatroopers undertake (undertook?) one of these days. It is not the fact in itself, which makes me unhappy, but the fact that the name is derived from a as racial conceivable denomination.
    Just to explain what I mean: Would serbs find it normal, when in Germany would take place exercises named “Germanic Brotherhood”?
    Johan Derks (Dutch nationality, living in Belgrade)

    • Only if the French would take part in those exercises. We are white, being “Slavic” is cultural legacy. You are mixing gradmas and frogs.


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