SRBOBRAN – Three bears, which owner of the circus “Korona” from Srbobran tried twenty days ago to exchange for an apartment in Novi
Sad, were saved by veterinarians because the animals were kept in inappropriate conditions. On their bodies were visible wounds, one the bears missing half the tongue and they also have behavioral disorders caused by being kept in captivity, writes “Vecernje Novosti”.

As Dusan Pajkic, Assistant of the local Secretary for the Environment, confirmed for the daily, this was done by the order of the
prosecutor’s office, and the inspection, assisted by the police, saved two brown and one bear probably created by crossing the brown and polar bear.

The police have long searched for the owner of these animals, which were kept in inhumane conditions and nobody took adequate care of them. Unfortunately, inspectors and veterinarians are still searching for jaguar, which represents a major threat to local residents. The animals were owned by Milan S., owner of the circus “Korona”. Now lamas walk in the yard, writes “Kurir”, and competent authorities are also trying to find missing macaque monkey.

According to neighbours, since word got out that inspection and veterinarians still haven’t found the jaguar, they lock their gates.

“I lock my gate, and I plan to get a dog. I am not really sure that an ordinary dog could handle a jaguar. Who does not have a dog in
Srbobran, should urgently get one,” said Lajos Hebek for the daily.

Lajos added that the “neighbours’ sleep was often disturbed by the roar of captive animals. They heard striking of paws against the cages.

“The owner is rarely in Srbobran. He is mostly here for about a month and a half. He has a guard who feeds the animals, but he is also
gone now. Sometimes it happened that lamas run in the middle of a busy street and go toward local town Feketic,” Lajos said.

“I was asked to be a witness by a policeman, because they had to enter the courtyard which was locked. They had a warrant. Veterinarians found three bears. You could see they were kept in inhumane conditions, without food or water, in cages. They did not find the jaguar, but in cage they did find a small python. I do not know what happened to the snake,” Dragivoje Milijanovic, neighbour, said for “Kurir”.