BELGRADE – The victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump over Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in US presidential elections indicates that Western media do not reflect the public sentiment, Fabrizio Bertot, Italian politician with Forza Italia and Former member European Parliament told Sputnik.

“This victory shows that in the Western politics and media, as well as European institutions do not interpret the mood of the public, who should serve and represent,” Bertot, who is also a former Mayor of Rivarolo Canavese municipality in the Metropolitan City of Turin, said.

Donald Trump’s victory has shown that ordinary US citizens have overcome the country’s establishment despite all the projections, leader of Italian Eurosceptic Lega Nord party Matteo Salvini told Sputnik on Wednesday.

“The victory of Donald Trump is the revenge of US people, their bravery, and a highlight of a theme of labor and safety rules, despite all the speculations from bankers, journalists and sociologists. In this case, people beat the establishment with the score 3-0,” Salvini said.

Salvini added that the results of the Tuesday vote gave him hope for better relations with Moscow in future.

Trump won the US presidential elections despite most of the analysts and opinion polls predicting his defeat to Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump got 289 electoral votes against Clinton’s 228 votes, more than 270 needed to win, according to the NBC projection.