US Ambassador: Washington’s policy towards Serbia will not change


BELGRADE – Washington’s policy towards Serbia will not change in the wake of the recent US presidential elections, US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said Tuesday.

Speaking at an AmCham Serbia business conference, Scott said stability, economic growth and improvement of relations with neighbours remained the main objectives, and added that there was no indication of a change of policy as regards the independence of Kosovo.

More work will be done towards Serbia’s EU integration, he said.

I would encourage the Serbian government to continue to fulfill promises and correct the weaknesses identified – financial capability, macroeconomic stability and duration of court disputes, because that is what attracts investors, Scott said.


  1. “Fulfilling promises” to those who bombed it, maimed it, disgraced it, trashed it with “genocidal” label, robbed it, occupied it, installed their puppet government under disguise of democracy in order to push it even lower? I really, truly hope, for Serbia’s good, that those “promises” will never be fulfilled. And that it will put the US ambassador, or any other well paid scumbag in ambassador’s suit, in his place, not allowed to patronize Serbia’s government and its people telling them what they “should do”.