Wesley Clark, US generals “concerned” over possible ties between Trump and Russia


BELGRADE – A group of 62 former senior military officials in the United States, including retired general Wesley Clark, expressed on Wednesday concern about the potential link between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.

They called on Republican presidential candidate to publish his tax information to determine whether there are financial ties with Moscow, according to AP.

Military officials called into question whether the eventual Tramp’s presidential mandate would serve the interests of national security.

They stated in the letter that Tramp took actions of which Russia has benefited, including his refusal to recognize the conclusions of the intelligence services that recent hacker attacks on the Democratic National Committee of the US are connected with Kremlin, reports AP.


  1. “Military officials” concerned about Trump’s taxes? Likely! What should be clear to anyone hearing the news about how the “drip, drip, drip” of leaks has of late swollen in its dimensions to something more like Noah’s flood, it is clear that this cannot be coming from or through Moscow. There must be a “fly on the wall” somewhere. Indeed, wherever Hillary is or has been, there must be lots of them.
    As for Wesley Clark in particular, good thing if he is kept busy biting his nails on Trump. At least that will keep him from further mischief, let us hope.