BELGRADE – Recently, the social media page of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan published a photo showing Aleppo Twitter girl Bana Alabed and her family at a reception at the presidential palace in Ankara. However, social media users have uploaded evidence pointing to the fact that Bana’s father is allegedly linked to terrorists.

Users of social networks have uploaded photographs in which the father of the girl is sitting with a gun in his hand, surrounded by gunmen. In both photos the man’s face is pointed out by a red circle.

Another user posted several photos on Facebook which showed the girl’s father together with the terrorists. There is a photograph of Bana herself together with the man, who was also seen in the company of the militants.

One of the Facebook users noticed that before Bana had written on her Twitter that her father was killed. However, now it is seen that he is in good health and lives in Turkey.

​There is a photograph in which the father of Bana stands with a gun in his hand and behind him on the wall there is a Daesh flag.

Bana is a 7 year old girl. Her mother, Fatemah is a teacher of English and the creator of Bana’s Twitter account back in September, when the troops of Bashar al-Assad with the support of Russia stormed the rebel-controlled eastern part of the city.

“Aleppo’s Anne Frank” designated by Twitter as “verified”

Bana’s account, designated by Twitter as “verified,” was set up three months ago, and has since gathered over 310,000 followers. The tweets, written by both Bana and her mother, Fatemah, who says she taught her daughter to speak English, depict life under siege in east Aleppo.

Many have called the authenticity of the account into question, pointing to videos where Bana appears to be reading from a prompt. It is also unclear whether Bana’s posts are genuine, since any user, anywhere in the world can post from the account, as long as they have the password.

Due to extensive media coverage, Bana became a sort of Syrian war icon and was even called “Aleppo’s Anne Frank.”