Art Jibilian and “Forgotten 500”: We owe the Serbs some gratitude

Last interview with WW2 veteran hero, Art Jibilian: The Serb citizens and Serb guerrilla fighters in Nazi controlled Yugoslavia hid, clothed, fed and risked their own lives protecting over 500 American troops that had been shot down over Yugoslavia.

General Draza Mihailovich of the Serbian opposition fighters worked with US military leadership to organize this huge, ultra- secret mission that ultimately allowed for the safe return home of 500 US servicemen. We owe the Serbs some gratitude.

Jibilian died in March 2010. He was nominated for the Medal of Honor.


  1. Unfortunately, the airmen were bombing Serbs, including civilian towns, to have Tito and the communists conquer Serbia.
    But the Brits very much tried to sabotage the rescue as they didn’t want the Serbs/Royalists/Chetniks to get any positive credit.


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