BiH War Crimes Court Indicts 6 Serbs


BELGRADE – A Bosnian war crimes prosecutor has indicted six Bosnia Serbs for their roles in killing dozens of Muslims during the wars that tore Yugoslavia apart in the 1990s.

The Sarajevo-based prosecutor said in statement December 2 that the six also attacked about 1,000 people in eastern Bosnia’s Srebrenica area in 1992.

The six were officials in the Bosnian Serb headquarters in the village of Skelani, the statement said.

The whereabouts of the six were not immediately clear.


  1. More of the usual total rubbish from BiH .What about Bosniaks crimes on Serbs !! The murdering of families etc .!! What about Nasir Oric? ??

  2. That so called “prosecution BiH” is a farce, just like the Bosnian “state” – factually a US protectorate – itself. It is a political instrument in the scheme where US uses Muslims to divide and control people of this so called country, by helping to propagate myth of “one victim” – the Muslims, and one villain – the Serbs (occasionally also Croatian criminals, when they used it to suppress their drive for more independence in the “federation”). It would bi nice if the “prosecution BiH” would act on at least some of 1026 reports of war crimes against Bosnian Serbs put together, with documentation, and sent to them by the prosecutors in Banja Luka, which ended in the drawers of the Muslim “BiH prosecution” in Sarajevo. The only thing they do with them is taking certain (Muslim) individuals out of those cases, without even bothering to inform Banja Luka, let alone give any explanations for it.