Brammertz: War criminals are still celebrated


NEW YORK – Serge Brammertz, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, on Thursday expressed concern over the fact that politicians and government officials in the Western Balkans are undermining the trust in judicial accountability for war crimes.

War criminals are still celebrated, he told the UN SC.

In a regular report on the region’s cooperation with the Hague-based court, Brammertz said the Office of the Prosecutor shared the deep concern of ICTY President Judge Carmel Agius over Serbia’s continued ignoring and violation of the legal obligation of cooperating with the ICTY.

There has been a significant regression in judicial cooperation due to the Serbian authorities’ failure to execute a war crimes sentence in the Djukic case.

There is very little evidence Serbia is supporting war crimes prosecutions, he said.


  1. Another scumbag in nice suit paid to send innocent Serbs to jail as a part of US/Germany neocolonial occupation of the Balkans. He is concerned by Serbia’s delay to execute fabricated sentence of the Muslim court in Sarajevo against general Djukic for “Tuzla shelling”, but wouldn’t even mention that the reason is that Muslim court doesn’t want to send to Belgrade a complete case material, so that it can be determined that Djukic had a fair trial. Nor is he concerned that Djukic was found guilty and sentenced based on the “expertise” of a Muslim “expert” Berko Zecevic which is at odds with material evidence, while the expertises of Serbian and foreign experts based on that evidence, showing that damage inflicted could not oossibly be caused by a single shell from 27km away, were rejected. In some just world, Bramerc, Zecevic, and the entire BIH Court would be jailed for bribery, obstruction of justice and criminal (judicial) misconduct.