BELGRADE – Serbian police say a car carrying at least 12 migrants crashed on a highway, killing two Afghan nationals and injuring 10 other passengers, including five children.

Police said the suspected people smuggler who was driving the car fled the scene of the crash.

It occurred early on December 29 near the town of Nis in central Serbia, on a highway that links Bulgaria and Greece to northern and western Europe.

The car hit a protective barrier on the highway, police said in a statement.

State TV cited doctors at an emergency hospital in Nis as saying that many of the injuries were grave and that one victim had to have both legs amputated.

The patients have “extremely severe head and limb injuries. … We are doing everything we can to save their lives,” doctor Miodrag Lazic told state boadcaster RTS.

Thousands of migrants are stranded in Serbia looking for ways to reach wealthier Western European countries, which have sought to curb the influx.


  1. Who was the car registered too?
    This is the kind of things that happen when Serbia refused to control its borders properly and when it goes easy on human smugglers. Serbia has been essentially encouraging human trafficking for around 2 years by making it easy for the illegal migrants to use Serbia on their route and even helping them along the way – with free train and bus rides, food, given them passes to transit Serbia.
    At the very least, Serbia should have started planning to curb the migrant influx when Hungary started its wall. The writing was almost literally on the wall that the migrants would eventually become backlogged or stuck in Serbia.
    Why doesn’t Serbia send them back to Bulgaria or Macedonia as soon as they are caught?


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