ZAGREB – Croatia on Friday lifted its veto on the opening of Chapter 26 (education and culture) in Serbia’s EU accession talks, Croatian Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stir told a press conference in Zagreb.

“The conditions have been met for us to be able to suspend our reservations over Chapter 26 and I want to say that, as part of Chapter 23, we will be watching the fulfilment of all obligations regarding national minorities, with emphasis on the Croat minority,” Stir said.

Zagreb’s decision to lift the veto came after the Serbian Ministry of Education signed earlier in the day annexes to a memorandum of cooperation with the national textbook publisher and representatives of Serbia’s seven national minorities that have access to education in their mother tongues.

The annexes will ensure an additional 84 textbooks in minority languages, including 18 in Croatian.


  1. Wonder if those textbooks in Croatian (which is by its origin Serbian, easily documented) are printed in Croatia, i.e. spreading their lies about “Serbian aggression” and their “War for liberation”, with a distinct flavor of Nazi-like hatred toward Serbs. From Vucic and his rats who can’t care less for Serbs or Serbia, wouldn’t be surprised at all.


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