BELGRADE – Kosovo PM Isa Mustafa was on Friday smuggled into northern Kosovo by NATO along a migrant route, says the head of the Serbian gov’t Office for Kosovo-Metohija, Marko Djuric.

The Serbs do not want Mustafa in northern Kosovo, which they demonstrated by putting up roadblocks, he said.

“He went through a forest and Albanian villages to cause destabilisation, insecurity and possibly provoke a violent reaction from our population in that part of Kosovo-Metohija,” Djuric said.

The fact that Mustafa was accompanied by people who included “the so-called Kosovo security force minister Devoli” speaks the most about his intentions, he said.

This is also a violation of the obligations of international security presence in northern Kosovo-Metohija as KFOR and NATO must not allow representatives of the so-called Kosovo security forces into northern Kosovo, he said.

A new, 400,000 euro bridge on the Bistrica River – Kfor’s biggest investment in Kosovo – was opened to traffic on Friday as a group of north Kosovo Serbs were blocking a road in Zvecan on Kosovo PM Isa Mustafa’s route to the location.

Mustafa and other officials used alternative routes to be able to attend an inauguration ceremony organised by Kfor.

KFOR Commander Maj Gen Giovanni Fungo said at the ceremony the bridge had been “designed by a Kosovo Serb company and constructed by a Kosovo Albanian company.”

The new bridge a concrete example of mutually beneficial cooperation of NATO, Kosovo institutions and all communities in Kosovo, he said.

“Let us transform altogether this new bridge into an opportunity to further promote security, prosperity and development in Kosovo and for Kosovo,” a NATO statement quoted Fungo as saying.