BELGRADE – Alija Izetbegovic, former leader of the Bosnian Muslims, was the one who had masterminded Daesh [ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State] projects, President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik told Sputnik on Friday.

“We have evidence that the Bosniak political establishment, headed by [Bosniak member of the country’s presidency] Bakir Izetbegovic provides all the necessary logistics for arriving terrorists… Everyone knows that his father Alija Izetbegovic, who had written the ‘Islamic declaration,’ was an ‘editor-in-chief’ of the Daesh project. If you read the declaration, you will see that it were the same things that the Islamic State had implemented in Syria and Iraq: the Sharia law [above all things] and no mercy to the ones, who do not support them,” Dodik said.

He added that the fact that Bakir Izetbegovic had promised to continue the policy of his father should not be forgotten.

The Islamic declaration is a manifesto written by Alija Izetbegovic during the existence of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The declaration sums up his views on ties between the state, society and Islam. The controversial document has been seen by many as a proposal to impose the Sharia law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.