BELGRADE – The 2017 budget bill envisions setting aside over 5 bln dinars for Kosovo-Metohija, which is an indication of Serbia’s continued presence in Kosovo-Metohija, says Milovan Drecun, chairman of the parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija.

The funds will be invested in local self-government, agriculture, health care, education and a return and survival of Serbs, Drecun told the RTS.

“The planned funds have a social and developmental component. As far as Kosovo-Metohija is concerned, the budget has been planned in detail, in particular the ways of spending, in order to create conditions for a sustainable survival of Serbs and a return and economic development of the Serb population,” Drecun said.

No jobs will be shed in Kosovo-Metohija and all 29 self-government authorities and five administrative districts will continue to function, he said.