BELGRADE – Serbia can count on the EU because we are in the same boat and we need to work together, EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said in Belgrade Monday.

Speaking after the signing of a contract on an EU grant for Serbia’s public administration reform, Hahn said that, for Serbia, there was no alternative to the European path, noting that EU member states accounted for two thirds of Serbia’s trade.

This shows how strong the ties are, and we have to work to improve them further on – we need support from the citizens of both Serbia and the EU, Hahn said.

EU support for Serbia’s public administration reform is very important, but the effect will not be immediately visible, he said.

“In the medium and long term, it is a strong indispensable contribution of the EU towards aligning the public administration of Serbia with European standards,” he said.


  1. Ha ha what the scumbags these EU apparatchiks are. Two thirds of the trade with EU is thanks to puppet regimes the West installed in Serbia after it plotted the fall of Milosevic, and it comes with a steady, hefty trade deficit. How much did, and do they take out of Serbia trough replacing Serbian with EU-countries banks, by buying out Serbian purposely-made-unprofitable companies for cents on dollar, by doing business in Serbia heavily subsidized by Serbia’s own government, often not paying any taxes, etc. No alternative? Hmm…


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