BELGRADE – Slovak Marian Vajda is set to return as Novak Djokovic’s head coach from next year, following the departure of German tennis legend Boris Becker.

The Serbian tennis ace has posted a photo of his team on his Facebook timeline that shows Vajda, Pepe Imaz, Gebhard Phil-Gritsch and Miljan Amanovic, as well as his wife Jelena and brother Marko.

“New year, new goals, new energy! Grateful and excited to see what future brings. Greetings from Team Djokovic! See you in Doha!” Djokovic wrote in the post.

Djokovic’s new season starts in Doha on January 2, 2017.

Vajda has been a member of Djokovic’s coaching team since 2006. Under his guidance, Djokovic had climbed from the world number 40 spot to number one, winning 12 Grand Slam titles and setting many records.