BELGRADE – A delegation of the Serbian parliamentary committee on European integration on Wednesday visited the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of improving bilateral cooperation and sharing views and experiences related to the European integration process.

Committee Chairperson Marinika Tepic noted that, after two year of passivity, not only has a new chapter been opened, but the cooperation between the two partner committees has also been intensified, the parliament said in a statement.

Serbia is ahead of BiH in the European integration process, but BiH should use this and ask for help from countries that are ahead in this process, just like Serbia used the experiences of its neighbors, said Tepic.

As she noted, Serbia will show solidarity and help its colleagues from BiH because “the common look into the future is priceless.”


  1. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be Serbian when I read all these things. How stupid are my people? What EU? Europe? Aren’t you already on the European Continent haven’t you always been? And Serbia will never itself be a part of this lie called the EU how the hell are they going to help Bosnia? Man, what a waste of time and effort of no kind. Vucic needs to go, the Serbians need to replace him with someone who is their for Serbs. Every nationality has it’s own country if you don’t like living in Serbia go the hell home! Next your going to lose Vojvodina, since Kosovo is already gone and don’t blame the USA, Bill Clinton, for it blame your own government for it. People like Vucic who pocket so much and his followers who sold their identity for money


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