BELGRADE – “Butcher of Kacanik”, that is Lavdrim Muhadzeri, one of the most wanted leaders of the so-called Islamic State, returned a few months ago to Kosovo, writes Italian “Espresso” citing sources in the Italian intelligence service.

Muhadzeri is known to the public by fearsome photographs from 2014 that show him beheading “traitors”, recalls the Italian daily.

Kacanik is a small town in Kosovo. There is located one of the recruitment centers of the Islamic State. Muhadzeri was seen in Macedonia in mid-November.

Members of the Italian security services AISE immediately informed local authorities and anti-terrorist units in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. “However, the hangman disappeared,” says the paper.

Muhadzeri’s return to the Balkans, according to Italian intelligence, represents a very serious threat not only for the Balkans but also for many European countries where said jihadist, put on State Department’s terrorist list back in 2014, has contact and can organize an attacks, concludes the daily.