BELGRADE – At least 37 people died in a Turkish cargo plane crash near Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Emergency Situations said Monday.

“According to preliminary data, about 15 homes have bean destroyed and, as of 11:24 a.m. [05:24 GMT], preliminary data indicates 37 people died,” the ministry said in a statement on its website. ​Earlier it has been reported that the plane has crashed near the Manas airport during landing approach due to poor weather conditions, crashing on a village near the airport and destroying at least 15 homes. Eight people have been taken to hospitals, including six children.

​Moreover, a pilot of a Turkish Airlines cargo plane that crashed near Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek died at the scene of the accident, Kyrgyz Health Ministry spokeswoman Elena Bayalinova said Monday.

“The pilot died at the scene of the plane crash, an ambulance took his body to the morgue,” Bayalinova told RIA Novosti. Kyrgyz Emergency Ministry also reported that there were 4 crew members onboard aircraft, one of them survived. Kyrgyzstan’s cabinet of ministers announced that a government commission has been established to investigate the crash, while the president ordered to aid in the treatment and rehabilitation of the victims.