BELGRADE – Serbia has a wastewater problem that is not talked about because other, “major” political topics are distracting attention from it, says Serbia’s chief EU negotiator Tanja Miscevic.

“It is not going to make the front pages of newspapers. The wastewater problem is a problem for local self-government authorities, which need to develop projects. Why do we have to talk about this now? The average sewerage network coverage in the EU is 70-80 pct, compared to 17 pct in Serbia. Even Belgrade has insufficient coverage,” Miscevic told the B92 TV.

But in the talks with the EU, not everything is politics, as attention must also be paid to environmental protection, agriculture, food protection and rule of law, Miscevic noted.

“For alignment regarding the environment, over 11 bln euros will have to be set aside under EU regulations,” Miscevic said.