BELGRADE – General Atif Dudakovic, commander of the Fifth Corps of the Army of BiH, at a meeting held in Luxembourg over the weekend dedicated to “genocide” in Srebrenica, called young Bosniaks to arm themselves.

“Every Bosniak aged 17 must buy an ‘alpha uniform’, boots, sleeping bag, a backpack and – end of story. … We have to develop the culture of memory and defense,” said Dudakovic. He also asked whether there will be a critical mass of patriots to defend Bosnia:

“I believe there is, and that power is seen. And I came here among you to openly tell you that I will work on our networking.”

Representatives of the Republika Srpska institutions are horrified by his outburst and they said for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti” that the call for arming and war are a big warning for the Republika Srpska and evidence of the direction the Bosniaks are headed.

Vice President of the Assembly of the Republika Srpska Nenad Stevandic said that this incident “unmasked the true intentions” of the Bosniaks in BiH.

“All the hatred of the Bosniaks towards [Republika] Srpska is not only political and intellectual, but a hatred that is a preparation for a military attack. It is our duty to be serious and prepare our defense.”

Milorad Kojic, director of the Center for Research of War, said for “Novosti” that there is no punishment of Bosniaks for war crimes in BiH and that is why Dudakovic walks freely in Europe and calls for war.

“Since 2005 there have been charges against him in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH but he was never prosecuted. He was at the head of the army which in 1995 together with Ante Gotovina expelled 120,000 Serbs from Western Krajina municipalities. 1,600 civilians and soldiers were killed then, and to this day the fate of 200 people is still unknown.”

Kojic says that all this is supported by evidence, but the BiH judiciary has never opened the Dudakovic case. He is, as other generals of former Army of BiH, protected.

“Dudakovic’s statement is not accidental, because only a few days ago Bakir Izetbegovic was at the promotion of the project “Genocide against Bosniaks in the previous war”, where he repeated that the Republika Srpska is genocidal.

Security expert Dzevad Galijasevic warned that the Bosnian member of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic, through the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency Osman Mehmedagic Osmica, is preparing a war that will break out in the spring.

“What we see now is an unprecedented propaganda in the country, spreading of hate and creation of a climate suitable for an attack against the Republika Srpska. It is not accidental that Dudakovic is now hosted in Luxembourg and mentions war. These are dangerous games of Bosniak politicians,” Galijasevic said.