FYROM fails to form government

BELGRADE – Macedonia’s (FYROM) president on Monday resumed the search for a new prime minister after the former premier failed to form a government, despite his party’s narrow election victory, EurActiv.com reports.

The December vote was held as part of a European Union-brokered deal between Macedonia’s four main political parties aimed at ending a long-running political crisis.

President Gjorge Ivanov was informed by parliament that the VMRO-DPMNE party led by Nikola Gruevski, the former premier and a veteran conservative leader, had failed to form a government within the 20-day deadline, his office said.

A source in the office told AFP that Ivanov would restart consultations.

In the vote, VMRO-DPMNE secured 51 seats in the 120-seat parliament, or two more than the Social Democrats (SDSM), the main opposition party.

The neck-and-neck results meant that ethnic Albanian parties, with 20 seats between them, emerged as kingmakers, but Gruevski was unable to negotiate a deal.

The three main ethnic parties are demanding that Albanian be made an official language.

Ivanov may now ask the Social Democrats to try to form a government, or he could seek to form a broader coalition, according to analysts.


  1. So, that’s who is making mockery of independent
    Macedonians. Albanians.
    Well, Albanians did not show respect to Macedonians by vegging war.
    Now they seek impossible justice.
    By what work they deserve to have it all?
    Meanwhile, even Serbian premier had difficult time
    referring to Macedonia as such.
    He called it, Skopje. Ha,ha,ha.
    Why should Macedonians bow to political prejudice.
    Shame is on you all.
    Serbia lost its guts.
    Albanians are threatening.
    Greece lost its mind.
    You all are attacking Macedonian independence.

  2. Stram vi bilo, kako fyrom, na grcka politika ke vrtite, ali grci bile albansko pleme , vidi koj je oslobodija grcija vo 1832 sve bilo shiptari sad sve brajka