FYROM Warns Serbia

Photo: AFP

BELGRADE – Macedonia’s name, a source of friction with neighboring Greece, is now souring relations with Serbia, VOA reports.

Macedonia’s foreign ministry said Serbia should avoid calling it by the “offensive” name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or FYROM, which Greece favors.

A ministry statement Friday said it would be “inappropriate and disrespectful” for Serbia to call its small neighbor anything but Macedonia.

While Serbia still formally calls the country Macedonia, its foreign minister Ivica Dacic has suggested a change to FYROM, and Serbian highway toll receipts now use that name.

Greece argues that the name Macedonia implies designs on a Greek province also called Macedonia.

The U.S., Russia, China, and most other countries use the term Macedonia, although the United Nations goes for FYROM.

FYROM recognized Kosovo independence, and also voted for Kosovo in UNESCO.


  1. the quicker they give the Albanians what they want with their official language demands the better off this so called country will be. The social democrats should form a coalition with the Albanian parties and rid them of the irredentist and corrupt VMRO-DPMNE party. Name change should be demanded by the EU and Slavic culture should be promoted again. “We are Macedonians but we are Slav Macedonians. That’s who we are! We have no connection to Alexander the Great and his Macedonia. The ancient Macedonians no longer exist, they had disappeared from history long time ago. Our ancestors came here in the 5th and 6th century (AD).” Kiro Gligorov – the first president elect of Fyrom