Madeleine Albright ‘ready to become Muslim’


BELGRADE – Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has expressed her readiness to “register as Muslim” in solidarity, responding to reports that President Donald Trump plans to legally force all America’s Muslims to register their religious identity.

“I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian and found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity,” 79-year-old Albright tweeted on Wednesday.

Eager to express her thoughts further, she also wrote that “America must remain open to people of all faiths and backgrounds.”


  1. Not a surprise, since she proved beyond any doubt having a soft spot for the radical Islam, against which is Trump’s action primarily directed. Not so much for ordinary Muslim population, like those half a million Iraqi children who died as a result of US-led sanctions, what she back then, as Secretary of State, bluntly characterized as “worth of what was achieved” on the national TV. Some of those Nazis tried in Nuremberg are suckers in comparison.

  2. Remember when Albright was 65 or so and she discovered her heritage was Eastern European Jewish not Christian as she had been brought up? I doubt ISIS would accept her.
    Stupid publicity move on her part which has absolutely no relevance.