Marine Le Pen says Crimea’s reunification with Russia was legitimate


BELGRADE – Crimea’s incorporation into Russia was legitimate, leader of France’s National Front, Marine Le Pen, has said.

“I do not think that (Crimea’s) reunification (with Russia) was illegitimate,” she told the BFM TV network on Tuesday. “A referendum was organized, and residents of Crimea voted to join Russia. I see no grounds whatsoever to question this referendum.”

The Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, a city with a special status on the Crimean Peninsula, where most residents are ethnic Russians, refused to recognize the legitimacy of authorities brought to power amid riots during the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Crimea and Sevastopol adopted declarations of independence on March 11, 2014. They held a referendum on March 16, 2014, in which 96.77% of Crimeans and 95.6% of Sevastopol voters chose to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the reunification deals March 18, 2014.

Ukraine, the US and the EU refused to recognize Crimea’s independence and its incorporation into Russia.


  1. Sure it was legitimate. What wasn’t neither legitimate nor democratic was the way West disposed of Yanukovych and installed its domestic “insiders” in power in Ukraine. And its bombing of Serbia to take away Kosovo was plain criminal. But who in the Western media is free to tell the truth, and few really want to hear it. As one Czech humorist (not funny, tho) puts it, thinking on full belly is difficult, but loyal…